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domingo, novembro 23, 2003


"In the living room,
so bright around the gossip and the cheerful glasses of wine,
there were old ladies in satin scarves,
old gentlemen in tweed jackets and club ties.
'It's a fine Sunday!'
said the lady, timidly.
'How about playing some cards?'
and everybody just agreed.
'That's a lovely hair, you've got there!'
said the bold man to the white hairy one,
'My husband has always had beautiful hair!'
then she shuffled the cards and dealt them.
'It's a great loss!' said the bold man,
and the widow nearly shed a tear,
but as the TV joyfully screamed,
he turned to the human that was near and said:
'Bring me the wine, my dear!'"

JP Simões, Living Room


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